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Sutton New ASD School

The Greenshaw Learning Trust has been given approval by the Department for Education to establish a new school in Sutton for secondary age students on the autistic spectrum.
The Trust’s Sutton new ASD school will be a small specialist school for secondary aged students with Education Health Care Plans (EHCPs) relating to ASD who meet the Local Education Authority’s admissions criteria.

Our personalised provision and team work will ensure that learning activities are carefully planned to meet individual needs, with the right support and strong links between home and school. Parents and students will be involved so that they can express their needs, interests and ambitions.

Our new ASD school vision

Our curriculum will emphasise personal and social development, vocational and life skills, numeracy and communication skills, and will include science and IT, DT, art, music, RE and humanities. We will take students into the community so that they can develop confidence and can experience real-life settings. We will provide appropriate vocational learning and employment experiences, working with local colleges and employers. 

Our staff will be specialists. They will be appropriately qualified as teachers, HLTAs, TAs or as therapists in speech, OT, music or drama, all with successful experience of teaching students on the autistic spectrum. They will engage advisors from local and national ASD organisations and be backed by expert teaching and support staff from the Trust.

Students at our school will have all the advantages of small-scale, specialist provision, tailored to children on the autistic spectrum, combined with the opportunities provided by the resources and expertise of the adjacent mainstream schools and the wider Trust. Students will be able to benefit from aspects of the adjacent mainstream secondary provision with its extensive facilities and broad and flexible curriculum and, where appropriate, mix socially and learn together with its students.

  • In our school, students will be happy and feel calm and secure; their parents will have confidence in the quality of the provision being made for them.
  • We will be ambitious for our students, carefully tailoring learning activities to meet each individual’s needs and promote their progress and welfare, and celebrating every milestone reached. 
  • Our team of appropriately skilled and qualified teachers, teaching assistants and specialist therapists will equip our students with communication, social and independent learning and living skills.
  • We will engage parents in their child’s education and ensure they are aware of the progress they are making, and we will involve appropriate partners and external experts.
  • Close links with our new Sutton secondary school will enable our students to benefit, where appropriate, from sharing facilities, learning together and mixing socially.
  • Our school will provide a caring and stimulating environment, and will empower its students with independent living skills and confidence, to enable them be active and optimistic citizens in their future life.

Find out more or apply for a place

If you are interested in applying for a place for your child at our school you should read the draft admissions criteria here (this will be available shortly).

You will then need to advise your local authority that you wish to name our school in your child’s Educational Health Care Plan.

If you would like to receive regular updates and information as we develop the proposals for the new school, please enter your details here.