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Remote Learning

Welcome to the Greenshaw Learning Trust’s online curriculum. The lesson resources have been written and produced by the Greenshaw Learning Trust and are available for all schools to use for free.

The online curriculum offers a wide range of high-quality lessons for Year 7 to 10 in English, maths (foundation, higher and express), science (foundation and higher), humanities, modern languages, PE and religious studies. The series of video lessons are structured around a low stakes quiz, direct teacher instruction, student tasks/practice and a lesson review to provide simple feedback of the student’s knowledge and understanding.  

Please note that if a lesson includes a Low Stakes Quiz (LSQ) this must be completed first before the lesson can be accessed.  

If teaching staff have a question or have feedback on our curriculum or an individual lesson, please contact us here.  For easy reference to future lessons teachers may have planned, please find a directory of revised links here.   

Students, please contact your teacher or school directly with any questions.