The Greenshaw Learning Trust is developing clusters of primary and secondary schools that benefit from mutual support, collaboration and the efficiencies and security of being part of a single, strategically aligned organisation. 

The Board of Trustees only takes decisions to partner with schools where they fit with, or can be developed to fit with, the culture and ethos and where there is benefit to the Trust as a whole.  The definition of ‘Trust’ is everyone in the organisation: our pupils, teachers, support staff, governors and the shared services. All our schools and shared services are part of the fabric that makes the Trust what it is, and as schools join our organisation evolves.

At the Greenshaw Learning Trust, we cherish the differences between each of our schools and want all of them to continue their improvement journey. We promote local representation and accountability, believing headteachers and governing bodies are best placed to run our schools. 

To achieve the Trust’s improvement and growth strategy, capacity is developed ahead of taking on schools, so the Trust is able to provide support at the earliest opportunity. This means the Trust is well placed to provide the right support to ensure rapid and sustained improvement.

We aim to provide:

  • Simplicity and clarity in all we do – in particular around teaching and learning, enabling teachers to focus on supporting young peoples' learning so that they achieve brilliant outcomes.
  • More efficient and effective use of resources to ensure young people have opportunities to learn in an environment that is fit for purpose now and in the future.
  • A wide range of first class destinations for young people, including further education, higher education, apprenticeships and university.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us here.