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Education Community

The Greenshaw Learning Trust is an outward facing organisation, which means its seek to influence and learn from other schools and trusts not formally a part of our network. This openness and desire to develop genuine collaboration is at the heart of our ethos.

Secondary Remote Learning Curriculum

Following the successful launch of the secondary remote learning curriculum to schools within the Trust, the lessons were offered for free to other secondary schools. There has been great interest in these resources and they have been shared with over 2000 contacts in the education community from the UK, Europe and America. 

The curriculum offers a wide range of high-quality lessons for Year 7 to 10 in English, maths (foundation, higher and express), science (foundation and higher), humanities, modern languages, PE and religious studies. The series of video lessons is structured around a low stakes quiz, direct teacher instruction, pupil tasks/practice and a lesson review to provide simple feedback of the student’s knowledge and understanding.  Find out more here.

GLT School Improvement Community

The Greenshaw Learning Trust is also working in partnership with We Are in Beta to provide a unique learning experience with a community of peers. The free year-long school improvement community is providing an opportunity for peers facing similar challenges to come together to collaborate, support, share and engage. More than 300 leaders and teachers, from over 140 schools and 80 Local Authorities have joined, all committed to creating positive change together.

The programme offers ten webinars, five team-up events, 50 school improvement resources and 50 ask us anything events.   A range of Trust's leaders take part in the programme and discuss valuable principles and practices that have transformed our schools, leading to exceptional outcomes. For further details, please contact us here.

CPD Resources

From Ask Us Anything Sessions to over 30 presentations from the GLT National INSET day, there is a range of Continuing Professional Development resources available to view for free.  Find out more here.