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ComMITTEES, Governing Bodies & PANEL

The Board of Trustees has established committees and a Trust Panel, as described in the Scheme of Delegation; the members of the committees and the Panel are appointed by the Board of Trustees, and the current membership is set out below:

Audit Committee: Diana Coman (Chair), Gary Miles, Wendy Tout and Don Brims.

Trust Shared Services Committee: James Dhawan (Chair), Roger Mills, Peter Thomson, Charles Greenwood, Mary Hutton and Will Smith..

Finance Performance Committee: Roger Mills (Chair), Anne Spackman, Diana Coman, Peter Thomson, Wendy Tout and Will Smith.

School Development Committee:  Roger Mills (Chair), Karen Roche, Darren Reynolds, Peter Thomson, Brenda Morley and Will Smith.

Education Performance Committee: Karen Roche (Chair), Anne Spackman, Darren Reynolds, James Dhawan, Wendy Tout and Will Smith.

Admissions Committee: Diana Coman (Chair), Karen Roche and Brenda Morley.

Performance Management and Pay Committee: Gary Miles (Chair), Anne Spackman, Karen Roche, and Roger Mills.

Trust Panel: Izzy Ambrose, Joe Ambrose, Clare Blyth, Kirsty Borrill, Steve Bradford, Janet Bremner, Don Brims, Katherine Brown, James Burton, Jane Coley, Lorraine Coxon, Simon Cooper-Hind, Nick Cross, Trevor Fitzgerald, Ian Frost, Lee Howe, Mary Hutton, Karen Jones, Patrick Farmbrough, Nick House, Terrie Jerrom, Mandy  King, Helen Matt, Josie Mingay, Brenda Morley, Nicola Murley, Bradley Nash, Ben Nutland, Ben Parnell, Simon Phelps, Leslie Semper, Robert Smith, Grant Strudley, Sue Wood, Diana Coman, Gary Miles, Roger Mills, Darren Reynolds, Karen Roche, Anne Spackman, Will Smith, Peter Thomson, Rachel Dean, Marlene Francis, Jenny Cain, Nicola Barber, Owen Basara Hamilton, Zoe Clark, Anne-Marie Karadia, Sian Karamelegkos, Martin Rowlands, Lugusled Abebe, Catherine Okonkwo, Jasmine Opoku Ware, Dilma de Araujo, Jeremy Turner, Katie Lockett, Mike Meehan, Tony Mills, Jackie Saddington, Andrew Theobold, Param Vivehanandha, Lloyd Warren, Nick Cox, James Dhawan, Mike Cooper and Ingrid Percy.

Governing Bodies: The Board of Trustees has established a governing body for each school in the Trust. Members of governing bodies are appointed in a number of ways: Trust governors are appointed by the Board of Trustees, community governors are appointed by the governing body, parent governors are appointed following ballots of parents, staff governors are appointed following ballots of staff, and the headteacher is a governor whilst they are in post. Please visit the individual school's website for membership of the governing body.