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ComMITTEES, Governing Bodies & PANEL

The Board of Trustees has established committees and a Trust Panel, as described in the Scheme of Delegation; the members of the committees and the Panel are appointed by the Board of Trustees, and the current membership is set out below:

Audit Committee: Suresh Shan (Chair), Bayo Alamu, Harrison Gorst, Thierry Gauthier (non-trustee).

Education Performance Committee: Karen Roche (Chair), James Dhawan, Harrison Gorst, Sagana Kirisnathas and Karen Wespeiser.

Finance and Operations Performance Committee: James Dhawan (Chair), Gary Miles, Trevor Fitzgerald (non-trustee) and Bayo Alamu.

Governance and Growth Performance Committee: Anne Spackman (Chair), James Dhawan, Harrison Gorst, Suresh Shan, Karen Roche and Karen Wespieser.

People and Pay Committee: Gary Miles (Chair), Karen Roche and Anne Spackman.

Trust Panel:
Panel from which members may be drawn to form an ad-hoc committee.

    1. GLT trustees: Bayo Alamu, James Dhawan, Harrison Gorst, Sagana Kirisnathas, Gary Miles, Karen Roche, Suresh Shan, Anne Spackman, Will Smith, Karen Wespieser.
    2. GLT headteachers, ex officio: Rachel Dean, Stephen Derry, Anita Frier, Karen Jones, Nick House, Terrie Jerrom, James King, Philippa Lewis, Carly Moran, Nat Nabarro, Katie Parkhouse, Simon Phelps, Bhavin Tailor, Aaron West, Neil Davies, Samantha Morrisy, Rob Hopkins, Eddie Rakshi, Clare Vincent, Dan Hudson, Dave Hill.
    3. GLT executives: Izzy Ambrose, Joe Ambrose, Katherine Brown, Mike Cooper, Ross Dickerson, Liz Easaw, Patrick Farmbrough, Marlene Francis, Jason Gregory, Jonathan Heap, Sam Hunter, Kate Ivackovic, Fiona Knight, Rebecca Lewis, Anita Martin, Josie Mingay, Grant Strudley,  Amelie Thompson, Keith Wilson, Paula Curtiss, Tracy Brooke, Caroline Winchcombe and Susan Thomas. 
    4. GLT school governors: Catherine Allen, Will Allen, Francesca Atherton, Zoe Clark, Janice Cole, Nick Cox, Trevor Fitzgerald, Mary Hutton, Anne-Marie Karadia, Emma Kear, Mandy King, Katie Lockett, Catherine Okonkwo, Sandra Trathen, Param Vivehanandha, Mercedes Scott, Tris Kelly, Sasha Davidson, Claire Bishop, Nyree Clayton, Richard Cangiolosi, Jenny Sachar, Trudy Cleary, Sarah Mitchell, Nilufer Haq, Jason Griffiths, Elizabeth Ayres, Katherine Lambert, James Kazi, Andrew Maunder, Alison Green, Ty Sterry, Christine Brooks, Simon Allen.
    5. Other non-trustees: Antionette Ackuaku, Owen Basara Hamilton, Nicholas Berman, Clare Blyth, Janet Bremner, James Burton, Jane Byett, Lauren Costello, Lorraine Coxon, Nick Cross, Ian Frost, Thierry Gauthier, Asher Hafeez, Brenda Morley, Bradley Nash, Ben Parnell, Ingrid Percy, Catherine Roberts, Darren Reynolds, Jeremy Turner, Brian Wood and Sue Wood, Diana Coman, Roger Mills, Peter Thompson, Helen Matt, Leslie Semper.

Governing bodies: Each school in the Trust is overseen by a governing body. Governing bodies are made up of members who are appointed in a number of ways: Trust governors are appointed by the Board of Trustees, community governors are appointed by the governing body, parent governors are appointed following ballots of parents, staff governors are appointed following ballots of staff, and the headteacher is a governor whilst they are in post.

Please visit the individual school's website for membership of the governing body.  Their websites can be accessed through the 'Our Schools' page.