Pupil welfare

Greenshaw Learning Trust has a range of policies and procedures in place that ensure our pupils' welfare. These policies can be downloaded from the document zone, or from the individual school websites. 

Pupil welfare-related policies include: Behaviour Policy and Procedures; Attendance Policy and Procedures; Exclusions and Suspensions Procedures; Educational Visits Policies; Food Policies; Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Procedures; Uniform Expectations and home/school agreements. 

The pupil welfare policies and practices of the Trust and its schools must serve the interests of all its pupils and must comply with this Trust statement and with appropriate Department for Education legislation and guidance.

Each school’s pupil welfare policies and procedures must ensure that all pupils feel safe and promote high standards of attendance and behaviour so that all pupils can learn, develop self-confidence and pride in their achievements, and have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.