In an impressive display of teamwork and creativity, Year 9 students Millie, Antonia, Evie, and Hollie from Scott Medical and Healthcare College emerged as regional winners in the 2024 'Step into the NHS' competition.

The results are in…  although our students did not win nationals this time, being recognised as a regional winner is a remarkable achievement they should celebrate. They stand out as one of the ten winners selected from over 140 schools and nearly 2,500 students who participated in the entire competition.

The event began with a meet-and-greet session with the panel of judges composed of Justine Muslime, a Physiotherapist; Kath Evans, the Director of Nursing; Jo Laplana, a Nurse; and Takanayi Mureyi, a final-year medical student. The judges shared their background with the students, adding a fresh perspective to the panel.

During the interview, the girls explained their choice to focus on the paramedic role and their creative process. Initially, they considered making a cardboard ambulance for simulated accidents, but they ultimately decided to create a Scott College news report-style advert inspired by a Newsround segment they saw during tutor time.

The judges were highly impressed with the advert, praising its professionalism and the evident fun and teamwork involved in its creation. "The advert was so professional and worked so well, it was clear the girls had fun in their creation and worked so well as a team, just like NHS staff work as teams," they remarked.

Jo Laplana, who often makes videos herself, was particularly struck by how seamlessly the girls' production came together. "I do some videos, and it takes me ages to get my performance right, sometimes doing ten takes, but yours was so joined up and professional. How did you do it?" Evie responded, "We did do a few takes on some scenes to get it right. At the start of the news report where Antonia and I are together, we did several takes as we wanted our voices to be in sync."

Takanayi Mureyi acknowledged the hard work and effort behind the video, noting, “I post educational videos on YouTube and I understand the hard work behind your idea and how long it must have taken to produce. It was really clear and had all the right information in". 

At the end of the interview, the girls had the opportunity to ask the judges questions. Antonia asked "Working in the NHS can be stressful, how do you manage your mental health?" Kath Evans responded, "Wow, what a thoughtful thing to ask." and explained how physical exercise supports her mental health, adding that she loves to get out in the fresh air, walk, and jog. Justine Muslime emphasised the importance of talking to supportive colleagues and managing stress, saying, "Talking to colleagues in the same sort of stressful situations is really important. Having a good team by your side is a huge mental health support much like your team has displayed working together on your advert."

Despite their nerves, the girls presented themselves with professionalism and clarity, leaving a lasting impression on the judges. Mrs Chalmers, their teacher, expressed immense pride in the girls' achievements, applauding their teamwork, creativity, and learning journey throughout the project. "I cannot be more proud of the girls, they have worked so hard together as a team. They have planned, produced and created an incredible advert with very little guidance from staff, and have now been interviewed by NHS professionals about their advert and their learning journey through the ‘Step into the NHS project’, which is admirable. The girls are shining stars already and are outstanding Scott College students. I couldn’t be more proud of them. Well done!"

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