Henley Bank High School wins Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Award

Congratulations to the school for officially having the best breakfast club in the South West.

Congratulations to Henley Bank High School for their success in being the ‘Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Award Winner’ and officially having the best breakfast club in the South West.

Please find the note from Kelloggs below:

I am delighted to extend my congratulations on being selected as a Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Award Winner for the best breakfast club in the South West! This recognition is a testament to the incredible efforts and dedication of your staff, students, and your community in promoting the importance of breakfast and breakfast clubs.

The Breakfast Club Awards celebrates schools that have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to ensuring their students have the best start to their day and are ready to learn.

We commend the hard work of your entire team who ensure each day your breakfast club is delivered with passion and care. Your efforts make a real difference in the lives of your students and set a great example to other schools looking to create or better their breakfast clubs.

Once again, congratulations on this well-deserved achievement. We look forward to seeing the continued success of your breakfast club programme and the positive effects it will have on your students.