Woodlands Primary School Celebrates Ofsted Success

We are delighted to announce that Woodlands Primary School in Yate has been judged as ‘good’ in all areas by Ofsted. 

Led by Headteacher Rachel Dean, the school has been recognised for its exceptional commitment to learning where “all pupils receive the best possible education.”

The inspection took place on 25 and 26 January and received the following judgements:

  • Overall effectiveness: Good
  • Quality of education: Good
  • Behaviour and attitudes: Good
  • Personal development: Good
  • Leadership and management: Good
  • Early years provision: Good

The inspection revealed a resounding endorsement of the school’s overall effectiveness and inspectors made the following key points in their report:

A nurturing environment for learning: Students benefit from attending a school that is highly inclusive and that has a culture grounded in nurture. The school's staff demonstrate a keen understanding of the local community's needs, fostering a compassionate and supportive atmosphere where pupils feel valued and safe. Through the implementation of the'Woodlands Character' programme, students are encouraged to develop essential life skills and values, resulting in a polite, engaging, and mature student body.

Academic excellence, high aspirations, and enrichment opportunities: The school boasts a meticulously designed curriculum, known as the 'Million Dreams' curriculum which provides pupils with relevant and ambitious learning experiences. Staff ensure equality of opportunity for all students to participate in a wide range of enrichment activities, fostering confidence, independence, and a strong sense of community amongst pupils. Children get off to a flying start in Nursery as they develop resilience and independence through everyday tasks.

Emphasis on reading: Children learn to read as soon as they begin in reception class. Pupils gain the knowledge and skills they need to become fluent and confident readers.

Behaviour and attitudes: Pupils are proud to attend Woodlands Primary School. They are polite, engaging, and socialise well beyond the classroom. The school environment is calm and focused. 

SEND: Staff identify quickly when pupils have special educational needs and/or disabilities and pupils with SEND progress successfully and participate fully in school life.

Continued commitment to safeguarding: Woodlands Primary School maintains effective safeguarding arrangements, ensuring the safety and well-being of all students remains a top priority.

Liz Easaw, Director of Primary Education, said: “I am absolutely thrilled to see Woodlands recognised for the fantastic school that it is. Greenshaw Learning Trust are truly proud of our children there, as well as the excellent practice of staff and leaders.”

Rachel Dean, Headteacher of Woodlands Primary School, said: “I am delighted with the outcome of the inspection for the school community. Our pupils and staff make me very proud to be the Headteacher at Woodlands.”

Read the full report here and for more information about Woodlands Primary School, visit the school’s website.