Woodlands Primary School parents engage in phonics and spelling workshop

Parents/carers at Woodlands Primary School had the opportunity to attend a phonics and spelling workshop.

The workshop aimed to provide them with valuable insights into the school’s phonics and spelling curriculum, allowing them to engage in their children’s literacy developmentThe event was a success, with parents expressing their delight at the hands-on experience.

Parents Kerry and Joe Harding shared: “The way phonics and spelling are taught at Woodlands is fantastic. Our son has such a good understanding and can read and write very well. We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and being able to come into the classroom and read with our child. It gave us a better understanding of everything."

Another parent, Carly Harber, said: “I found the phonics workshop very helpful. We will continue to use the steps recommended at home, as it helps make everything more simple. I feel it will definitely support our child's learning."

Woodlands Primary School believes in the power of collaboration between parents and teachers to create a positive learning experience for all students and is delighted with the support and enthusiasm demonstrated during this event.