Empowering day for students

Students from Scott Medical and Healthcare College participated in a Strong Girls event.

In an empowering initiative, 13 enthusiastic students from Scott Medical and Healthcare College participated in a Strong Girls event held in Exeter. The girls were not only thrilled about the opportunity but also left a lasting impression with their exemplary behaviour and active engagement throughout the day.

The event offered the girls a unique chance to delve into the world of strength training, as they learnt three compound lifts. Adding to the excitement, they participated in interactive workshop sessions led by a distinguished GB female weightlifter, who provided valuable insights into the sport and inspired the students with her expertise.

The highlight of the day was witnessing the joy and enthusiasm radiating from the girls as they embraced the activities and challenges presented to them. The event not only promoted physical well-being but also encouraged a sense of empowerment and confidence amongst the participants.

To capture the essence of this memorable day, a show-stopping performance from Laycee-Leigh, a talented Year 9 Scott student and a current weightlifter representing Devon, was seen by all that attended. Laycee's dedication to the sport and her achievements added an extra layer of inspiration to the event, showcasing the incredible talent within our school community.

The Strong Girls event proved to be an excellent opportunity for students to explore new interests, enhance their physical skills, and build camaraderie. The experience reinforced the school's commitment to providing diverse and enriching opportunities for its students.