'Every Day is Open Day'

Our latest initiative has been met with resounding positivity.

We are thrilled to announce the success of our 'Every Day is Open Day' initiative, which has been met with resounding positivity. This programme demonstrates Greenshaw Learning Trust's dedication to collaborative learning and the sharing of best practice. Since its launch, 'Every Day is Open Day' has welcomed over 75 educators from various regions, including Poltair in Cornwall, Kettering, London, and Manchester. We're delighted to see such a strong response to our invitation to explore and experience the excellence within our schools.

Every Day is Open Day' is a testament to our commitment to sharing knowledge and collaborating with educational professionals beyond our trust. By opening our doors, we aim to contribute to the continuous improvement of education on a broader scale. These visits provide a unique opportunity to witness first hand the practices that drive our success. Participants have shared their valuable feedback, underscoring the value of these visits:

One visitor commended their visit to Holmleigh Park High School, saying: "Inspiring visit to HPHS. Phenomenal what Dan and the team are doing there. A real privilege to visit."

Another participant noted: "Sky-high expectations and disruption-free learning in every lesson. Very grateful to Dean Ackland for being so generous with his time."

A third visitor encouraged others, stating: "Get involved with this if you can! I was lucky enough to visit Yate Academy, and it was inspirational. Superb CPD. A very generous offer from Greenshaw Learning Trust."

We are delighted with the positive impact 'Every Day is Open Day' is having on our visitors and our own staff. It reaffirms our belief in the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the education sector. Future dates can be found here.

Joe Ambrose, Senior School Improvement Lead