GLT Book Club: Book launch!

Dave Tushingham and Rhiannon Rainbow introduce their own new book, The Edu-Book Club: Making CPD Work in the Classroom.

The GLT Book Club is swiftly approaching its 80th session, providing a diverse selection of podcasts, videos, and links for staff within our multi-academy trust to utilise in their professional development. Whether employed asynchronously by teachers or adopted by leaders as a resource for broader CPD programmes, each session delves into the fundamental concepts of an educational book in the company of the author. This allows for reflection on what the listener can extract and implement in the classroom the following day.

Having documented the initial 40 sessions with esteemed educational authors such as Doug Lemov, Mary Myatt, and David Didau, Dave Tushingham and Rhiannon Rainbow are thrilled to introduce their own new book, The Edu-Book Club: Making CPD Work in the Classroom. This publication aims to spotlight and succinctly summarise key books covering middle leadership, leadership, curriculum, pedagogy, early career teaching, and subject-specific knowledge. Dave and Rhiannon's book seeks to translate interpretations of significant research into practical, everyday classroom strategies. By offering essential insights and reflective questions for each of the 40 books, along with guidance on establishing one's own book club, the book serves as a valuable resource for those involved in professional development. Dave and Rhiannon express gratitude to everyone who has supported or engaged with the book club.

The book is now available for pre-order, and if you place your order through Routledge, you can enjoy a 20% discount using the code SMA42.

As a reminder, all information and GLT Book Club resources can be found via this platform.