Platinum Character Award at Five Acres

The first platinum character education badge has been awarded at Five Acres.

Luke in Year 10 at Five Acres High School has made history this week by being the first student to receive the platinum character champion badge.

In order to achieve this badge, Luke has worked over the past six months on gathering evidence to show a range of values and virtues that he has been working hard to develop. Luke then went up before a panel made up of senior leadership team and student leaders so that he could talk through his accomplishments, present his findings and reflect upon the process and journey he had been on in relation to developing his own self confidence through singing. Luke also gave a performance of one of his chosen songs.

The panel was unanimous in deciding that Luke had successfully gained confidence and self awareness and awarded him the platinum character champion badge. This links into the school vision that students have a better chance of personal and academic success by attending Five Acres and shows that collectively and individually, students are rising to meet this challenge. It also links to our Character Education Quality Mark + which the school was awarded in September 2022.

We look forward to celebrating the success of the platinum badge with many other students. 

Bekki Smith, Head of History and Lead for Character Education