Building work at Greenshaw High School

Initial work has commenced at the school. 

Greenshaw High School, in Sutton, has been identified as part of the national Department for Education’s School Rebuilding Programme. There will be a major overhaul of the school site, funded directly through central government.

A contractor has been appointed and fully conceived designs were recently presented to Sutton Council’s planning committee and planning consent has been granted. Over the summer the contractor completed a programme of works to create more usable space in the playground. The caretaker's bungalow was demolished, two trees were felled and removed and three large raised brick areas in the centre of the playground were removed to enable the space to be used more effectively for PE lessons.

Between now and December more enabling works will be carried out, to prepare for the temporary buildings that will be built between January and July. These works include the provision of a new substation and a significant amount of trenching from the substation to feed the temporary buildings and, once they are built, the new buildings. Over the summer the majority of departments will be moved into these buildings and then demolition will begin in the autumn term 2024.