The Princess Royal visits the Forest of Dean

Representatives from Five Acres High School took part in the celebration event.

The Princess Royal recently visited Coleford in the Forest of Dean, as part of a town-twinning celebration. The event was organised by Coleford's Mayor, Nick Penny, to celebrate Coleford's relationship with its French twin town of St Hilaire de Riez. A street in a new housing estate has been named St Hilaire Avenue, and Princess Anne was invited to the naming ceremony.

14 students from Five Acres High School, ranging from Years 8 to 10, performed as part of a choir reception for the Princess. The students had taken part in a visit to St Hilaire de Riez in June 2022, where they were able to meet French students from the local school and visit sites around St Hilaire. This event was supported by Coleford's Twinning Association and was paid for by a grant from the British Council's Turning Scheme. The choir was led by Five Acre's Head of Performance, Mr Brinson, who also accompanied the students to France in June. 

Five Acres' Headteacher, Simon Phelps, attended the event with Head Students, Emily and Imogen. They were all delighted to have the opportunity to meet Princess Anne.