Students rise to the Ten Tors Challenge

Students from across six schools in the Trust have been training hard.

Students from across six schools in the Greenshaw Learning Trust – Five Acres, Henley Bank, Holmleigh Park, Yate Academy, Blaise High School and Gloucester Academy – have been training hard since September 2022 in order to take on this year's ‘Ten Tors Challenge’.

The annual challenge, which started at Five Acres High School in 2019, involves students completing a 35, 45 or 55-mile trek, independently and self-sufficiently across Dartmoor National Park within a specific time period. Students navigate their way through a number of checkpoints, visiting ten of the tors (highest points of Dartmoor). Completing the challenge is a great accomplishment.

This year, there are six teams tackling the 35-mile challenge, and two teams attempting the 45-mile. They have just completed their fourth training session on 18th and 19th March in Dartmoor National Park, where they continued to develop their navigation skills, whilst getting used to covering a good number of miles in a limited time.

All teams did exceptionally well, covering over 25 miles over the weekend and visiting at least 12 different tors. They also had a chance to practice their camp craft skills at Runnage Farm. The teams are now looking forward to our final training weekend in a couple of weeks’ time, before the actual event on 29th and 30th April. 

To keep up to date with their progress, follow them on Twitter @glt_sw. 

Hannah Hatch, Outdoor Education Lead