International School Award success for Crown Wood

Crown Wood Primary School has been awarded the British Council’s prestigious International School Award.

Crown Wood Primary School, in Bracknell Forest, has been awarded Foundation level of the British Council’s prestigious International School Award in recognition of its work to bring the world into the classroom.

The International School Award celebrates the achievements of schools that do exceptional work in international education. Fostering an international dimension in the curriculum is at the heart of the British Council’s work with schools, so that young people gain the cultural understanding and skills they need for life and work in today’s world.

Crown Wood’s international work includes helping children begin to build a national, international and intercultural perspective or 'international mindedness' through its curriculum.  Each three to six week thematic unit includes an international aspect (including a contrasting country) to help develop a sense of ‘international mindedness’, respect and tolerance. These aspects include travel, climate change, habitat loss, animal conservation, pressure on resources, trade and economic inequality and migration. In addition, Crown Wood is a 'Rights Respecting School', committed to promoting UNICEF's Convention on the Rights of the Child. As part of this, the children learn about global issues such as climate change, fair trade and refugees/immigration.  

On hearing the news that Crown Wood Primary School had achieved the Foundation level of the award, Grant Strudley, Headteacher, said: “I am delighted our work in promoting international perspectives has been recognised by the British Council.  Bracknell is a town with worldwide connections and it is essential its young people understand and respect global perspectives and issues.  We are committed to developing our work and our next step is to make links with schools overseas.”  

John Rolfe MBE, Schools Outreach Manager at the British Council, said: "Crown Wood’s international work has earned the school well-deserved recognition with the British Council International School Award – Foundation Certificate. 

"We are delighted and proud that ‘Crown Wood is committed to developing a whole school approach to embedding and celebrating international work. The dedication from everyone is enriching education and supporting globally aware young people and the development of key skills. 

"We thank all involved in this important work; embedding a whole school international ethos across a school can lead to accreditation with the Full International School Award, so please contact us at the British Council.” 

The award is now available worldwide in countries such as India, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Around 6,000 International School Awards have been presented to successful schools in the UK since the scheme began in 1999.

The International School Award encourages and supports schools to develop:

  • An international ethos embedded throughout the school.
  • A whole school approach to international work.
  • Collaborative curriculum-based work with a number of partner schools.
  • Year-round international activity.
  • Involvement of the wider community.