Anne has been appointed as Chair of the Board of Trustees.

After a year in post, Roger Mills has stepped down as Chair of the Board of Trustees. Roger has provided the Greenshaw Learning Trust with outstanding leadership through an extraordinary year and will continue to be involved as a Trustee. Anne Spackman has been appointed as Chair of the Board of Trustees from 1st March 2021. Anne has been a trustee with the Greenshaw Learning Trust for the last two years and is skilled and experienced in communications and organisational transformation.

Will Smith, Chief Executive Officer of the Greenshaw Learning Trust, said: “On behalf of the Trust I would like to thank Roger for his excellent leadership. Roger has supported the Board and Senior Leadership team to focus on effective use of technology, further improving communication between the officers and governors of the Trust, as well as keeping staff and pupils’ well-being at the forefront of our work. The entire organisation has benefited from his knowledge, skills and expertise and we are delighted he will continue to be actively involved as a trustee.”

“We are delighted to welcome Anne as Chair and the Trust will greatly benefit from her extensive experience in leading not-for-profit organisations. Anne is passionate about social mobility and will help steer the Greenshaw Learning Trust towards our ambitious vision that there is no ceiling on what can be achieved by anyone, regardless of their circumstances or background.”

Anne Spackman, Chair of Board of Trustees, said: “During my two years as a trustee I have seen Greenshaw Learning Trust grow in size, expertise and reputation. During this time the Trust has also held on to the belief that each school is unique and is led by its headteacher, supported by a governing body. I will encourage the Board of Trustees to maintain this culture, alongside continuous improvements in our excellent shared service.”