Fun Fridays at the Greenshaw Learning Trust

Keeping students and staff connected.

During the recent months the Greenshaw Learning Trust has looked at ways students and staff can feel connected to their school community, while being at home. To create a sense of escape and support wellbeing, students in all schools across the Greenshaw Learning Trust have been invited to take part in a weekly competition called the Fun Friday Challenge. The tasks varied from week to week, and have included creative challenges, problem solving activities and sports tasks.  

The challenge was open to all years and schools and shared services staff have also been sending in their attempts. The weekly challenge is publicised through the school networks and each challenge lasted for seven days. 

Josie Mingay, School Improvement Lead, has been leading the initiative for the Trust, working with the Directors of Fun across the GLT schools, Ellie Shakespeare, Artist in Residence at Greenshaw High School, and Richard Hatch, Lead Network Manager for the South West Region. 

Josie said: “It has been incredible to see the range of creative ideas our students and staff have offered and a joy to share them online to bring some fun into Fridays.  Thank you to those who’ve contributed to this team, and found inventive ways to communicate challenges to our wonderful GLT students participating remotely. The Fun Friday Challenge has definitely been a highlight for us during the lockdown.”

Please take a look at the links below to see the submissions that have been made over the weeks. 

  1. Icing-lation
  2. NHS appreciation
  3. Scavenger hunt
  4. Loo roll challenge
  5. Funniest joke
  6. The Task Master
  7. GLTs Got Talent
  8. Nature challenge
  9. Haiku challenge
  10. Recreate your favourite book cover
  11. Time to dance!
  12. Sports celebration
  13. Photo/art recreate
  14. What are you grateful for?