COVID 19 – update 23 March

An update from the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

Today starts a new era for the education community. The Greenshaw Learning Trust and all of its employees are committed to supporting and following guidance from the Government, the Department for Education and Public Health England and we encourage all communities to do likewise.
Our schools are closed to the majority of children and our staff and students are transitioning to a new way of teaching and learning in the virtual world. We are committed during this unprecedented time, to continue to deliver the best possible education for our young people through remote learning.  
Our staff have worked tirelessly to plan and create resources and tools for our young people, to ensure that schools can function remotely and learning and support can continue. School teachers and support staff have created timetables, interactive lesson plans, resources, support strategies and have developed methods of communication to ensure the wellbeing of all of our children.
The announcement that assessments and examinations will not take place after Easter and through the summer meant that for many children in Years 2, 6, 11 and 13, last week was their final time at their schools. It has been very emotional, exacerbated by the pace at which decisions and futures are being determined. Our most important work is to support our children, especially the most vulnerable, and provide our teachers and support staff with reassurance and clarity.
Our schools and their leaders are developing new ways of working including virtual meetings to problem solve and plan ahead. Staying in touch is fundamental to our work and wellbeing, and should be a principle for all of us on a daily basis. We encourage you and your children to have daily contact with friends and loved ones by phone, Skype, Facetime etc. We have created a range of opportunities for our trustees and governors to meet remotely as strong, effective and supportive governance of our schools continues to be important at this time.
Our Trust has always been open to sharing ideas and working collaboratively.  We are delighted to be working with other schools and trusts at this time through virtual meetings and resource sharing.
We have set up a dedicated page on our website, with links to advice on the COVID- 19 pandemic which can be found hereWe would like to thank the school communities across our Trust for their ongoing support during this challenging time. Please take care of yourselves and each other.
Roger Mills                                              Will Smith
Chair of Board of Trustees               Chief Executive Officer