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Secondary students at all Trust secondary schools had good reason to celebrate as they opened their GCSE results.

In what is an unusual year, students received qualifications both in numbered grades, as well as the traditional letters of A* to G.

At Greenshaw High School, Year 11 students were celebrating some excellent results.  Of the new grades, the 9 was created to be awarded only to ‘exceptional performers’, so they were delighted that their students achieved 32 of these top grades in the first year of the new examinations. If this year’s results were compared to those using previous measures, then 73% of students would have achieved 5 A*-C including English and Maths.  Headteacher Nick House said “Congratulations to students and staff. Although the changes to GCSEs were made very quickly, staff worked incredibly hard to ensure that we didn’t achieve lower standards, and students have shown themselves to be highly resilient to these changes.”

At Brakenhale High School, the 2017 GCSE results continued to show clear evidence of the value the school is adding to the educational outcomes of their students.  Students had success achieving ‘4 plus’ in English and Maths, with English results being 12% higher than last year.  Headteacher Jane Coley said “This is a significant achievement against a backdrop of huge changes to GCSEs. Furthermore there have been some outstanding achievements across a range of subjects.”

Similarly students had cause to celebrate at Edenham High School.  Performance at both English and Mathematics was strong, with over 60% of students achieving grades 9-4.  Headteacher Ciara Warnock said “We are absolutely delighted with our students’ GCSE results this year with some truly outstanding performances from individuals. As a school we have improved further from last year’s performance with a higher % students’ achieving the top grades of 9 in Maths and many departments achieving some of the best results they have seen for many years.”