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Progress across the Greenshaw Learning Trust

Students across the Trust have been making excellent progress.

Summer 2016 data shows that students at schools across the Greenshaw Learning Trust have been making excellent progress.

At Green Wrythe Primary School, the progress results for Year 6 students, that is how much improvement students have made from KS1 to KS2, places the school in the top quarter of all schools in England for writing and the top 40% for Reading and Maths.
The main performance indicator for secondary schools is Progress 8, which is  measure of how much the school's students have improved across 8 key subjects between the age of 11 and 16. The national average is, by definition, 0, and a score of 0.5 indicates that all GCSE grades were on average half a grade higher than similar students in other schools nationally.
The indicative Progress 8 indicators were +0.29, +0.27 and +0.52 for Greenshaw High School, Edenham High School and The Brakenhale School respectively.

Mike Cooper, Chair of the Greenshaw Learning Trust, said: "These represent outstanding results for the schools across the Trust. All our students and staff should be proud of their efforts."