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New primary school in Sutton

The Greenshaw Learning Trust is proposing to open a new primary school in Sutton.

The school will serve the local community and help to provide the school places that will be needed by children in the central and north Sutton area. We are planning for the school to open in September 2018 with 60 places in Reception. 

The proposed new school will both benefit from and contribute to close collaboration with the Trust’s other local schools – Greenshaw, Green Wrythe and Victor Seymour – and with the new secondary school and ASD special school that the Trust is planning to open in Sutton in 2018.

We hope we will be able to build the primary school on the same site as the new secondary and ASD school. Creating a cluster of schools in one location that can collaborate and share resources, and ease progression for children aged 4 to 18 or 19, will promote the excellence to which we aspire.

The Trust is drawing up plans that will be submitted on 2 March to the Department for Education (DfE) for Free School funding to build the new school. Once built, the school will be funded in exactly the same way, follow the same regulations and serve its local community in the same way, and take local children in the same way as other state funded primary schools.

The proposal has the support of Sutton Council and the DfE’s Regional Schools Commissioner.

The proposal is not specific to an identified location, and if it is approved the Trust will work with the DfE’s Education Funding Agency and Sutton Council to find a suitable site. If the DfE approves our proposal, we expect to know in the summer.

You can download a leaflet about our proposed new school here.

You can find out more about our new school here.