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values and vision

Our values:


We thrive from collaboration at every level. We encourage a culture of sharing ideas and learning from one another. As a Trust of schools we are always learning from each other.

Local community: 

We recognise the power in individuals and organisations working together in collaboration to foster mutual support and progress. We promote local representation and accountability, believing headteachers and governing bodies are best placed to run our schools.


Our definition of our ‘Trust’ is everyone in the organisation: our pupils, teachers, support staff, governors and the shared services. The Trust is not a separate entity that rules hierarchically from the peripheries. All our schools and shared services are part of the fabric that makes the Trust what it is. 

Equal opportunity: 

We are inclusive and committed to equal opportunity for all. We believe there is no ceiling on what people can achieve, regardless of circumstance or background. We facilitate learning for all and enabling everyone in our organisation to fulfil their potential.

Our vision:

We are ambitious for our schools and their students.
We believe that there is no ceiling on what can be achieved by anyone, regardless of their circumstances or background.

We are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment, giving every young person the opportunity to fulfil their potential now, and in the future.

We seek to realise the power of individuals and organisations working together in collaboration whilst retaining their individuality, and we recognise that we can always improve.