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News from Shared Services

Focus on admissions service

It is that time of year when parents and children are finding out which primary and secondary schools they have been allocated. To date, the Trust has received 6,968 applications for school places from Plymouth to Croydon. Our schools span eight local authorities, each with its own criteria and protocol. 

The Trust’s admissions service, part of the Shared Services, provides advice on the latest statutory guidance and offers valuable support to all schools to process school place applications. This includes support with in-year (910 applications to date), outside of chronological age group and summer-born applications. Parents and carers can apply for school for medical/social reasons and each application is reviewed by the admissions team. For the schools with a larger intake, the admissions team supports school admission officers with the ranking process of new intake applications. 

Due to the growing popularity of our schools, the number of appeals is increasing every year. The admissions team will manage the appeal process and attend every hearing for those who did not get the places they wanted. 

As well as supporting schools, Shared Services provides advice and resources to parents and carers so they understand the process. To find out more, take a look at the latest information film here.

To find out more about the admissions for our schools, click here.