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This academic year saw the birth of the Greenshaw Learning Trust Book Club, a place for teachers to learn and grow.  The GLT Book Club provides a forum where teachers and the author discuss a piece of writing from a leading educational book. 

Staff who are signed up to the book club are given a carefully chosen extract to read before the day of the session. On Tuesday afternoon the group comes together to discuss thoughts and ideas on the extract. This is done in the company of the author themselves, who will start off by introducing their book and then join the discussion as one of the participants. At the end of a session, participants consider their own individual take-away and a chosen member will publicly offer their own reflections on the session. These take-aways are then collated and shared alongside a recording of the session.

The GLT Book Club currently has approximately 250 teachers who are members, who either join the session live or listen to the recording afterwards. All the recordings and links are shared in the CPD section of the Greenshaw Learning Trust’s website for people to use as works best for them.

David Tushingham, co-founder of the GLT Book Club, commented: “We welcome the opportunity to meet and talk with teachers, from schools across the country, about literature in the job we love. We are very open with our thoughts and discussions are organic between the teachers and the author. Everyone is very keen to learn more from the book and from each other.”

Rhiannon Rainbow, co-founder of the GLT Book Club, commented: “We have been on a wonderful journey! The book club has expanded and we are exploring reading material from more and more subjects, across both primary and secondary settings. We look at books that support teachers to coach other teachers, books about diversity and much more.”

The book club started off being a maths book club, offering two sessions per term. One session would look at general teaching ideas and the second session would then use a maths specific text. This was designed to support maths teachers to understand how general teaching and learning ideas link specifically to the teaching of the subject.

To join and get updates from the GLT book club please click here.

To watch previous GLT Book Club sessions visit here or listen to them on our new podcast channel GLT is Always Learning.