Gloucester Academy awarded Character Kitemark

Character education plays a huge part in Gloucester Academy students' development.

On 6 October 2022, Gloucester Academy was awarded the Character Kitemark. The kitemark is a very prestigious award and recognises schools that demonstrate a planned and reflective approach to the cultivation of positive character qualities in their students, which allows them to grow, flourish and achieve. It is one of only 27 secondary schools to have been awarded this accolade and is extremely proud to showcase how its students demonstrate ambition, excellence and pride in all that they do at school and in the community.

Gloucester Academy prides itself on its three values; ambition, excellence and pride. The schools’ motto is ‘work hard and be kind’.  As well as some excellent academic results, students have also been awarded for their character.

Character plays a huge part in Gloucester Academy students' development in becoming responsible citizens. The school believes that Character is the student's compass, and this is what they use to climb their personal mountain to the best universities and professions.

Headteacher, Phillipa Lewis, said: "At Gloucester Academy, we have a role to develop our students holistically to ensure they are ready for their next steps and become well rounded individuals. Character Education is seen all around the academy, including; displays, lessons, assemblies and ethos. We strongly believe the role we have as staff members encourages positive feelings of self worth and we play a significant part in ‘shaping’ our students' future through developing their character. Through Character education we are increasing their chances of success in life."