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World Class education leaders

Talent management and succession planning for Plymouth


A free six-month course including the following:

  • An introductory event in June.

  • 3 x 60-minute masterclass lectures.

  • 2 days shadowing experience in two separate settings.

  • A half-day conference with national speakers in Plymouth.

  • Full access to the Plymouth Leadership Community.

  • Full access to the Plymouth Leadership resources.

  • Regular communication with leaders and fellow applicants.


Teachers in Plymouth in their first two or three years of their career who have shown an interest and aptitude for the leadership of subjects or other school areas.


The deadline for applications is 23rd May 2022 and all applicants will receive feedback on 27th May 2022. The full course will run between June - November 2022.


Send a written application (no more than 400 words) explaining who you are, your experience, and why you wish to take part in the course to Abi by 23rd May.


The course is free to Plymouth Teachers, subject to successful application and the first cohort will be limited to 60 people.