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Sandy Lane Primary School

The Governing Body of Sandy Lane Primary School, in Bracknell, is proposing that the school should become an academy and join the Greenshaw Learning Trust

The governors and school leaders have been carefully considering the future of Sandy Lane Primary School for some time. They have concluded that it would be in the best interests of the pupils, parents, staff, and wider community of Sandy Lane for it to take advantage of the closer collaboration and stronger support it would get by being part of a multi-academy trust. The Governing Body having evaluated the options has agreed that the school should become an academy and join the Greenshaw Learning Trust. 

The Greenshaw Learning Trust has similar values to Sandy Lane. The Trust understands the community that Sandy Lane serves and the strengths and needs of its pupils, and has the skills and experience that will help the school give them the best preparation for the future.

As part of the Greenshaw family of schools, Sandy Lane will benefit from and contribute to the close collaboration within a community of like-minded schools, whilst retaining its character and its place at the heart of the local community.

If the proposals proceed to plan and the necessary formal arrangements are agreed between the school, the Greenshaw Learning Trust, the Department for Education, and Bracknell Forest Council, it is expected that Sandy Lane Primary School will join the Greenshaw Learning Trust on 1 September 2022.

Why do it? 

Schools can tackle the challenge they face and better secure the support and services they require by working together and sharing expertise and resources within a structured group of schools – and being part of a multi-academy trust provides the most effective structure for that.

The Greenshaw Learning Trust shares Sandy Lane’s values and is well-established locally, being responsible for Crown Wood Primary School, Brakenhale School, and Wildmoor Heath School. The Trust has a strong track record of school improvement. The Trust has the skills, experience and capacity to give Sandy Lane the support it requires to ensure it can provide the best education to all its pupils so they are fully equipped to fulfil their academic and personal potential.

As part of the Trust, Sandy Lane will benefit from stronger school-to-school collaboration as part of a community of schools that work closely together and support each other. The school will be able to secure better value for money and free up resources to use for the school’s own priorities. 

Joining a family of schools that share a strong moral purpose and work closely together to support each other will protect the provision and ethos at Sandy Lane Primary School and improve opportunities for pupils and staff. 

How would it affect Sandy Lane Primary School?

As part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust, Sandy Lane Primary School’s ethos and place at the heart of its local community will not change; it will continue to provide a broad and balanced curriculum to give local pupils of all abilities the best education possible.

By becoming an academy, the school’s admission arrangements will not change – the same pupils will come to the school as would have done otherwise. The school will continue to collaborate with other local schools, for example, to coordinate term dates, and with the local authority over provision for special educational needs and place planning. 

The school will receive the same level of per-pupil funding as it would as a locally maintained school but will benefit from additional efficiencies and economies of scale available to the multi-academy trust. The land and buildings used by the school will continue to be used by the school and control of them will transfer to the Greenshaw Learning Trust on a long lease. 

The Greenshaw Learning Trust will become the employer of the school’s staff – all current staff will transfer to the Trust under TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) regulations, retaining current pay and conditions. Teachers will remain in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and support staff will remain in the Local Government Pension Scheme as they are now; the employers’ contributions will be maintained by the Greenshaw Learning Trust. 

The Trust will offer greater development opportunities to staff and help Sandy Lane recruit and retain good staff. 

There will be no changes to the school name and uniform as a result of this proposal.