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Park House School

Proposal that Park House School joins the Greenshaw Learning Trust

The Trustees of Transform Learning Trust are proposing that Park House School should join the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

The Trustees of Transform Learning Trust have been carefully considering the school’s future and evaluating its options and have concluded that the best way forward for Park House School is for it to become part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust. 

Joining the Greenshaw Learning Trust will provide the support that Park House School requires to ensure it provides the education its students and community deserve. The Trust shares Park House’s values and commitment to provide the best education for the local community.  As an academy in the Greenshaw Learning Trust, Park House School will maintain its ethos and its place at the heart of its local community. 

Park House School will benefit from close collaboration within a community of like-minded schools; and will receive high-quality cost-effective support services and savings from economies of scale that come with being part of a multi-academy trust of over 20 schools.

Subject to the necessary agreements being reached between the Transform Learning Trust, the Greenshaw Learning Trust and the Department for Education (DfE), it is expected that Park House School will join the Greenshaw Learning Trust on 1 September 2022.  A consultation on the proposal was held with stakeholders between 3 March and 5 April 2022.

Why do it? 

Schools are under increasing pressure – financially and in terms of performance and student outcomes. Individual schools are finding it more difficult to secure the support they need and risk decisions about their future being taken out of their hands. 

Park House School would benefit from the closer collaboration between schools and the quality cost-effective support services that come with being part of an established and successful multi-academy trust. 

The Greenshaw Learning Trust has the skills, experience and capacity to give Park House School the support it requires to ensure it can provide the best start in life to all its students and is the local school of choice in which to work and learn. 

The Trust shares Park House’s values and commitment to provide the best education for the local community and understands its young people’s strengths and needs. Joining a family of schools that share a strong moral purpose and work closely together to support each other will protect the provision and ethos at Park House School and improve opportunities for students and staff. 

How would it affect Park House School?  

As part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust, Park House’s ethos and place at the heart of its local community will not change. The school will continue to provide a broad and balanced curriculum to give all children from the local community, regardless of background or ability, the best start in their lives. The same pupils will come to Park House School.

Becoming part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust is not  ‘instead of’ other forms of collaboration, but ‘as well as’ – Park House would continue to play an active role in partnerships with other schools and the local community; and to work with the local authority, for example, to coordinate term dates and over provision for special educational needs and place planning.  

Park House School will receive the same level of per-pupil funding as it would otherwise, but would benefit from additional efficiencies and economies of scale that would be available to it as part of a large multi-academy trust. The land and buildings used by Park House School will transfer to the Greenshaw Learning Trust and continue to be available to the school. 

The Greenshaw Learning Trust will become the employer of the school’s staff – current staff will transfer to the Trust under TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) regulations, retaining their pay and conditions. Teachers will remain in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and support staff will remain in the Local Government Pension Scheme as they are now; the employers’ contributions will be maintained by the Greenshaw Learning Trust. 

The Trust will offer greater development opportunities to staff and help Park House School recruit and retain good staff.