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News from across our primary schools

Tag rugby at Crown Wood

On a sunny afternoon at the end of the autumn half term, Year 6 children at Crown Wood Primary School took part in a tag rugby tournament. Mr Tillman, the school’s PE teacher, was so impressed by the children’s skill and enthusiasm in rugby that he organised an in-house tournament. This meant all of the children could take part, which they were very excited about.

There were three teams in each section and they all played each other twice. The sportsmanship and support for each other demonstrated some of the school’s core values: respect, achievement and collaboration. There were some great tries by many children and skilful passing of the ball. It is not easy to grab the tags, but the children persevered and had a great time. 

During Mr Tillman’s debrief at the end, he commented on the children’s fantastic behaviour and enthusiasm. 

What a lot of noise at Green Wrythe!

This autumn, Green Wrythe Primary School was awarded a £10,000 grant from Restore The Music to buy brand new quality musical instruments for the school. The school is now the proud owner of an electric piano, a drum kit, many guitars, ukuleles, tambourines, various other percussion instruments and a class set of Pbones and trumpets.

Sutton Music Service has also loaned the school a second set of brass instruments, and with a tuition grant from the HR Taylor Trust for £4,500 it has been able to start COVID secure whole class ensemble tuition with children in Years 4 and 5. The children are very excited and looking forward to being able to play a short tune and hopefully in the summer they will be performing at Fairfield Halls in Croydon.

Tweeddale’s Virgin Mini Marathon

Over the last two weeks, the children at Tweeddale Primary School have taken part in the Virgin Mini Marathon during their PE lessons. The children completed a distance of 2.6 miles during the fortnight.  All children who completed the distance will get a certificate for taking part. It was a fun and exciting opportunity for the children to take part in what is usually a large and famous event.


Tyndale makes the headlines

With recent articles in the local newspaper, it has been an opportunity for staff at Tyndale Primary to reflect on what has truly been a successful first year at the school. The articles captured the significant changes that have been made since September 2019 and made the staff very proud. Kirsty Borrill, Headteacher, said: “Thanks to all of our GLT colleagues, staff, parents and children for their ongoing hard work and support.”

The school’s Character Education offer has also been another success, with badges for ‘Leadership’ being awarded to its new school council members and a Year 6 Head Boy and Head Girl have been appointed. Tyndale has many children on track to achieve ‘Literacy’ badges as they keenly work their way through the school’s recommended reading list.

Hello Yellow at Wildmoor Heath

On Friday 9 October, children at Wildmoor Heath School took part in the #HelloYellow event for World Mental Health Day. It was a huge success and the school raised an astonishing £191.70 for the charity Young Minds. The children enjoyed wearing something yellow, along with their school uniform, and had great fun taking photos in the custom-made photo booth. 

Reading adventures at Woodlands

Children at Woodlands Primary School have embarked on an exciting new venture in order to continue reading books at home, without actually reading ‘books’ at home. 

As everyone is aware, reading is a fundamental aspect of learning, right from EYFS through to Year 6, and at Woodlands they strongly recognise this. Reading is a facilitator for every single area of the curriculum. When the school returned in September, it became apparent that the usual reading system of borrowing books to take home to read would no longer be manageable or feasible and staff recognised that action needed to be taken.

The school already has children reading non-stop throughout the whole school day, from when guided reading sessions begin at 9.00am, through English, maths, science and PE lessons. However, this was not enough. How could staff measure progress? How could children enjoy different genres of text? How could they show deep comprehension and understanding? 

So… the school now has its very own personal and individually-levelled library of e-books thanks to Pearson’s ‘Bug Club’.

Bug Club is a powerful whole school reading programme that is proven to raise attainment in reading and spelling – and loved by over a million children in the UK. It brilliantly combines stunning books and an incredible online reading world, filled to the brim with kid-favourite characters, to hook children into a lifelong love of books and develop confident young readers. – John Dabell in an independent review on Teach Primary.