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Henbury School

Henbury School proposes to join Greenshaw Learning Trust

The Governing Body of Henbury School in the west of Bristol has been carefully considering the school’s future and evaluating its options, and has agreed unanimously that it believes that the best way forward for Henbury is for the school to join the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

The Greenshaw Learning Trust has the experience and capacity to provide the support Henbury School needs to ensure it can provide the education its students and community deserve. The Trust understands strengths and needs of Henbury’s pupils and Trust schools work in similar communities.”

Mike Cooper, Chair of the Greenshaw Learning Trust, said: “We are delighted that Henbury School wants to join our trust. As part of the Greenshaw family, close collaboration with like-minded schools and quality support services will help Henbury be the local school of choice in which to work and learn.”

Subject to the necessary agreements being reached between the school, the Greenshaw Learning Trust and the Department for Education, it is expected that Henbury School will join the Greenshaw Learning Trust on 1 May 2019.

Consultation meetings were held at the school on Tuesday 4 December for parents, carers and school staff and the consultation ended on 18 January 2019.  There is further information about the proposal in the leaflet, which can be downloaded below.

3 April 2019
Henbury School renamed Blaise High School

Henbury School is on a journey of improvement to ensure it provides the best learning environment for all its students. As part of this journey the school will start the new academic year in September 2019 with a new name, ‘Blaise High School’ and new uniform.

This name reflects the school’s place in its local community – the school is located close to Blaise Castle Estate and was the preferred choice in the survey with the highest number of preferences from students, parents and staff.

The new school badge is in keeping with the school colours of green and black and brings together a bold modern castle design to represent Blaise Castle, on a traditional heraldic badge shape.

The new school uniform was devised in discussion with the school community and students will be expected to wear the new uniform at the start of the 2019/20 academic year. As part of the introduction of the new uniform, Greenshaw Learning Trust will subsidise uniform costs for existing students.

Henbury School is on track to join the Greenshaw Learning Trust in May 2019. The Greenshaw Learning Trust is a family of like-minded schools that collaborate closely, whilst retaining and developing their own distinctive character. The trust has the skills, experience and capacity to ensure that Henbury School/Blaise High School receives the high-quality and cost-effective services and support it requires, and has a track record of successful school improvement that has been recognised by the Department for Education.