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GLT launches online school improvement community

The Greenshaw Learning Trust (GLT) is working in partnership with We Are in Beta to provide a unique learning experience with a community of peers.  The free year-long school improvement community will provide an opportunity for peers facing similar challenges to come together to collaborate, support, share and engage.  So far more than 600 leaders and teachers, from over 230 schools, 105 different MATs and 126 Local Authorities have joined, all committed to creating positive change together.  The Greenshaw Learning Trust School Improvement Community is open to serving school leaders, teachers or staff members. 

A range of GLT leaders will discuss valuable principles and practices that have transformed GLT schools, leading to exceptional outcomes.  The programme offers 10 webinars, 5 team up events, 50 school improvement resources and 50 ask us anything events.  In June, an introduction webinar took place with Will Smith, CEO; Ben Parnell, Director of Secondary Education and Izzy Ambrose, Head at Yate Academy, focusing on keeping the complex simple.  To see a replay click here.